About Us

Little Sunshine Playcenter is owned and operated by Denise DiBella, a married mother of two young children. She started Little Sunshine Playcenter in 2003.

Denise has personally had a lifelong involvement in caring for children and coordinating child activities. Much of this stems from always having young children in the family and having numerous friends with children. And of course the most important qualification – having her own children.

At Little Sunshine Playcenter we are committed to providing a great environment for you and your children. We have New York City certified teachers on staff and everyone here is trained in CPR. We also do specialized free parties for children with leukemia and cancer. If you know of any sick child who would enjoy a party please contact us for more information.

We’re very proud of the quality of our programs. We encourage you to check out other programs in the area and we’re sure that you’ll love us the best. We’re also a great place for mother’s groups to hold their outings, and don’t forget that Stay-n-Play and Parent’s Night are included free in any program.

Please contact us via email today at contact@LittleSunshinePlaycenter or use our contact form to ask any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

Top 10 reasons why you should enrol your child at Little Sunshine Playcenter:

  1. Classes are 90 minutes
  2. ALL sessions are 12 weeks
  3. FREE play time for enrolled children
  4. NO registration fees – EVER!
  5. FREE trial class
  6. Siblings always welcomed
  7. Discounts on birthday parties
  8. Best prices around – Guaranteed
  9. 1700 sq. foot open play area

“Little Sunshine Playcenter exudes a bright, cheerful atmosphere that can be a silver lining to a cloudy day.” – Sarah Ali; Baby Friendly Long Island – 2004